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Laurie David Dine-Around – March 5

Dine-Arounds are favorite evenings for Trusteeship members. One of our new members, Laurie David, invited seven guests to her home in Pacific Palisades, for a warm and wonderful Trusteeship Dine-Around.

Laurie is a producer, author and environmental advocate. She joined The Trusteeship in the summer of 2018 and has picked a topic of conversation: The Power of Poetry – to commemorate the passing of beloved poet Mary Oliver guests were asked to please bring a poem, a paragraph, a line that moved them. And moved them they were. Laurie’s instructions were:  Lets Share!

Some of the dinner invitees raved about the evening:

What a splendid night for us all (x our early arrivals?!) Kirsten’s lovingly prepared food, choice wines and your holding us to task – having a theme. You command order with grace, knowledge, and compassion. I, along with Miriam, didn’t have a deep appreciation of reading poetry out loud, so your lead of doing so has probably enriched all of our lives just a bit more. Thank you for last night, your book of Peggy’s poetry, and bringing us all together. Good luck with BIGGEST LITTLE FARM and we’ll spread the word.

There will likely be a lot of dittos today and I thought I would lead the way. Ditto everything Martha said. It was a beautiful evening. The appetizer and meal selections were inspired; delicious and prepared with such care and attention by Kirsten. Your home is incredible and must give you so much inspiration. I am pleased to have left appreciating poetry much more. The second thing I did this morning (after making the bed) was read – out loud, of course – the first poem in the book, Chorus of Cells. I never knew that making one’s bed could be so meditative until I read Peggy’s poem. Because of you, Laurie, I’m going to start a new practice of reading a poem a morning and evening and, hopefully more in between. Thank you for gifting us the book and a great evening.
With much appreciation,

Dear Laurie:
What a stimulating and FUN evening in your breathtaking home with amazing food and comradery. I LOVED every minute of our conversation which was deep – and sometimes quite emotional. You are an incomparable hostess who makes everyone feel comfortable and very pampered. The food was a gourmet’s delight, unique and delicious.  Thank you for such a memorable evening.

Thank you Laurie for hosting such a wonderful evening. Nothing compares to inspiring conversation with beautiful minds… plus sumptuous food and of course poetry. Thank you for the unexpected gift. I will treasure the book of poems.
All my very best,

We do try to show our appreciation, particularly when it is so deserved. Good also to try to respond before all the superlatives are used! As a flustered early arrival, I was particularly grateful for your calming and warm welcome and Kirsten’s graceful assistance. It was perfect. The home, the view, the incredible women around the table, who just kept talking (as instructed) fortified by beautiful wine, and exquisite dinner and dessert, all came together in a most memorable night.

To the new and current readers of poetry, I would like to share a discovery I made yesterday in my belated search for a poem to read. Poetry Foundation is an on-line off-shoot from Poetry Magazine which has collected some 60,000 poems and thousands of biographies of poets and academic, yet accessible analyses of selected poems by each poet. AND, they do provide spoken word presentations and podcasts on occasion.

Thanks to all! Even with all our travels, hope to see you all soon!

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“The Trusteeship has introduced me to great role models, lent encouragement when needed, and challenges us to be better. The unique experiences, conversations, and shared stories keep The Trusteeship an integral part of my life.”

– Melinda