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A visit to Patt Morrisonʼs KPCC | March 4, 2011

A soft open of The Trusteeship Retreat took place at the new broadcast offices of 89.3 KPCC – the Southern California Public Radio station serving LA and OC – with a guided tour by The Trusteeshipʼs own Patt Morrison, award-winning writer, journalist and public affairs radio host.

As Patt moved us proudly around the airy, comfortable facility, she explained that in February 2010, the station moved to this state-of-the-art $27 million facility.  “A new larger space was needed to stay abreast of the changing technological times,” she pointed out.  Asked if the change in the environments is dramatically different, she responded with a deeply reflective laugh.

We were guided into our favorite part of the building, Pattʼs space – her office and studio – where Patt took her broadcasting position and took us through the paces of her “Patt Morrison” program, a two-hour public affairs show that focuses on subjects as diverse as global politics and pop culture.  We took turns pretending to be Patt, seating ourselves in her extra lux chair, donning headphones, starring in awe at the overwhelming amount of buttons, nobs and cords. We saw the all too sensitive microphone and the wall clock that gave us a sense of the time pressure that obviously goes with the gig.  We concluded this behind-the-scenes public broadcasting experience with Patt enjoying some insights into her journalistic experiences expressing our thank-yous and goodbyes to our most welcoming and gracious host.

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“The Trusteeship is a wonderful refuge — a place to go that is safe, nurturing and supportive. A place where you can suspend time — where the pressures and demands of your daily routine become secondary to the sharing of confidences and passions with women that walk similar paths and know your challenges and triumphs.”

– Rita