The Trusteeship

Membership Annual Renewal Fee

Member dues are used to offset program costs, to pay IWF dues and for administration and operations expenses. Please add a payment method in your Trusteeship Account below.

Annual Membership Dues: $750
(Membership valid January 1, 2022 thru December 31, 2022)

Annual dues of $750 may be paid by credit card through your account. You may choose to make a one time payment or enroll in Auto-Renewal once you sign in. Dues for 2022 must be paid by October 31, 2021.

To enroll in automatic renewal, please choose the “Automatic Recurring” option and enter your billing address and credit card information. Your credit card information will be stored and will not be processed until October 31, 2021 for your 2022 dues. Please note, if you choose the “One Time” option, your credit card will be charged instantly and the information will not be stored.


Membership Dues Renewal

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“The Trusteeship is a wonderful refuge — a place to go that is safe, nurturing and supportive. A place where you can suspend time — where the pressures and demands of your daily routine become secondary to the sharing of confidences and passions with women that walk similar paths and know your challenges and triumphs.”

– Rita