The Trusteeship

Mission & Values

The Trusteeship’s Mission

The Trusteeship (aka IWF – Southern California) was founded in 1979 to bring together preeminent women of achievement and influence in diverse fields, and to provide them with a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The Trusteeship is a founding member affiliate of the International Women’s Forum, which is composed of affiliates throughout the United States and around the world. Often individual members work together to address significant issues at local, state, national, and international levels. In the process, they pool resources, solidify relationships, and create networks of power and communication. Through the distinction of its members and the importance of their constituencies, The Trusteeship exemplifies the leadership role of women and demonstrates the impact they are having on society.


The Trusteeship’s Values

The Trusteeship is composed of dynamic, preeminent women whose guiding principles are the cornerstone of the organization. The diversity and character of our members are a reflection of our values. As members, we cherish the meaningful relationships we build with extraordinary women whose paths we otherwise may never have crossed.

Our values are:

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of The Trusteeship. It is essential and inherent in every action and activity of the organization and our members.

Trust: Trust is the heart of The Trusteeship, reflected even in our name. It defines our unwavering support and goodwill towards each other.

Diversity: The diverse backgrounds and spheres of influence of our members are gifts that enrich our lives and enhance our experience in The Trusteeship.

Excellence: Excellence defines the organization, as reflected in the unique accomplishment(s) of our members, each one preeminent in her field.

Empowerment: We empower and inspire each other by sharing ourselves and our knowledge, supporting one another and the advancement of women.

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“Imagine an enriching experience and rare opportunity to meet, learn from, and share time with a college president, a top TV or movie producer, an artist, an author, a politician, a business or philanthropic leader, to name a few. That’s the magic of The Trusteeship. Friendships and support when life has dealt you a setback are added — precious gifts.”

– Caroline