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Membership Nomination

To nominate someone, please go to the Nomination Form.

Please nominate women who are highly accomplished, respected, and recognized with a sphere of influence that extends beyond their own firm or organization. There is no limit to how many qualified women each of us may nominate. They must meet all the following criteria:

Achievement and leadership:

  • Highest prominence and influence in their field, industry, profession, organization or company.
  • Highly respected and recognized.
  • Currently active in their profession with a record of success in their current role.
  • Broad, senior responsibility with major decision making authority.
  • If in a corporate environment, they are the top woman at the Firm.
  • If an entrepreneur, they are successful as evidenced by size, scope, clientele, duration, impact on the field, or external recognition.

Sphere of influence outside their own industry or profession:

  • Significant influence and prestige outside their specific professional community.
  • Serving in leadership roles in the community – locally, nationally and/or globally.
  • Respected and recognized as a thought leader in their involvements.


Diversity is a high priority for The Trusteeship. We are striving for a membership that represents the rich diversity of the Southern California region including ethnicity, race, profession, interests, cultural background and locale. A couple of years ago, we introduced a new goal of “50 under 50”. We are seeking to have 50% of accepted nominees under the age of 50.

Target Professions/Industries:

We are asking that you specifically look for diverse women, age 50 or under or in the professions listed below. Top priority will be given to the nominees with these characteristics and professions. However, all applications are welcome.

  1. Technology – digital and software
  2. Engineering
  3. Sciences
  4. Pharma
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Finance and Investments (real estate, private equity, venture capital, investment banking)
  7. Sports
  8. Talent and Management agencies

A reminder: As the sponsor you are responsible for the following:

  • Completing the application which includes doing thorough research (from public sources such as the internet, etc.) and providing thorough information on the qualifications of your candidate.
  • We encourage confidential discussions with other members to determine others’ experience and regard for the nominee. This will assist the Membership Committee in understanding how your nominee meets the criteria.
  • If you do not know the nominee directly, please find a Trusteeship member who knows them. We are likely 1 or 2 degrees of separation from any candidate and have learned that an invitation is more successful if the nominee already has a relationship with a member.
  • While you do not require a co-sponsor, it can be useful to recruit a co-sponsor who also highly supports the nomination and will submit a letter in support.

If you have questions about whether a nominee meets our criteria, both Membership Chair, Miriam Muscarolas (, and President, Karen Caplan (, are available to discuss with you before you submit the application. DO NOT TELL the candidate that you are nominating her. We are an invitation-only organization and there is significant vetting to be done by the Membership Committee, who must then vote to approve and recommend to the Board of Directors for their approval before the future invitee is contacted by their sponsor.

Please note, if you are saving the form to come back to it later the nomination form will send you a link directly on the site. You must save this link to return to the form. You will not receive an email. It is up to you to save the form link at the time you are filling it out. We do not want your work to be lost so, please, be mindful in saving your link. Another option is to copy the form and paste it into a Word doc that you can come back to later if you are not able to complete the form in one sitting.

Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm in our membership effort!

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“A dynamic group of intelligent, notable, exciting, giving, caring, fun, and gifted women of different careers, background, education and ethnicity. They stand united as one voice for the betterment of all women everywhere throughout the world. It is such an honor to be a member of The Trusteeship.”

– Martha