The Trusteeship

2020 Membership Nomination Instructions and Guidelines

DEADLINE: October 04, 2020 at 11:59 pm (THIS EVENT HAS PASSED.)

Thank you for considering submitting a candidate for membership. Before you begin filling out the Nomination Form, take time to review these instructions and considerations. To nominate someone, please go to the Nomination Form.

1. Do not tell your candidate that she is being nominated.

2. Review the criteria carefully. See criteria here.

3. The candidate must meet all of the criteria – both professionally and in their
sphere of influence.

4. If you have questions about whether your nominee meets our criteria, please
contact Membership Chair before you submit the
Nomination Form.

5. If you have questions on how to complete and submit the form electronically,
please contact Cristina or Jenneva at

6. As the sponsor you are responsible for completing the nomination form in its
entirety which includes gathering comprehensive research from public sources
found on the internet, such as company websites, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc.
Provide thorough information on the qualifications of your candidate and reasons
they are preeminent. We suggest discussions with other members to determine
others’ experience and regard for the nominee. This will assist the Membership
Committee in understanding how your nominee meets the criteria. It is important
that members are not lobbied for support. A member of the Committee will
contact members to independently seek their experience with the nominee.

7. There is no limit to how many nominations you can make.

8. There is no requirement that you know the nominee, however, in our experience a
personal connection is compelling. Please find a Trusteeship member who knows
them. Given our “Six Degrees of Separation” world, it is likely that another member
is only a few degrees from the candidate. Do your research on the internet or with
our members. If your nominee serves on a board, research if a member has a
connection to that board or sector. The member roster is on The Trusteeship website.

9. Although we no longer require a co-sponsor, one can be helpful when the nominee
is being vetted by the Membership Committee. Additionally, a Co-Sponsor can be
beneficial in sharing the responsibility of hosting a welcome event and playing a
role as the new member’s guide into our Forum. If you do have a co-sponsor, she
MUST provide a recommendation letter, describing how she knows the candidate
and the ways in which the nominee meets the criteria, and it must be submitted
prior to the nomination due date of (10/04/20) in order to be considered.

10. Do not contact non-members for your research. Confidentiality is critical.

11. A word about the process: Do not tell your candidate that she is being
nominated. Submission of a nomination does not guarantee approval. The
Membership Committee does considerable research and vetting of nominees. The
discussions are professional, discreet and confidential, and respectful of the
criteria. Many hours are logged to research nominees and preserve the integrity of
our process. The Committee votes anonymously and confidentially. The slate of
approvals is then submitted to The Trusteeship Board of Directors for their
approval. It can be very awkward to explain to your candidate why she
wasn’t approved and the burden of that communication will fall on you.

12. Do not lobby for your candidate. We know that our enthusiasm for our own
nominees can be great but members, including Membership Committee members,
should not feel any pressure to endorse your nominee.

13. The nominee should have a record of success in their current position. It has been
the practice to defer the review of candidates until they have served in their
role for a year or more. This is especially the case when the candidate has
received a substantial promotion. Consideration will be given if the candidate has
held a substantially similar role at another organization. Example: college
president from one similarly sized college to another.

14. Preeminence suggests only one woman per organization, however, in the case of
mega sized companies, exceptions may be made. More commonly, a mega sized
organization that has subsidiaries may have several preeminent women. In that
case, we may invite more than 1 subsidiary leader.

15. Do not wait until the last day to submit if you have completed the nomination.

Please note, if you are saving the form to come back to it later the nomination form
will provide you a link directly on the site. You must save this link to return to the
form. It is up to you to save the form link at the time you are filling it out. We do not
want your work to be lost so, please, be mindful in saving your link. Another option is
to download the Nomination form Word doc so that you can come back to it later if you
are not able to complete the form in one sitting.

To nominate someone, please go to the Nomination Form.

Download the Nomination Word Doc here.

“Imagine an enriching experience and rare opportunity to meet, learn from, and share time with a college president, a top TV or movie producer, an artist, an author, a politician, a business or philanthropic leader, to name a few. That’s the magic of The Trusteeship. Friendships and support when life has dealt you a setback are added — precious gifts.”

– Caroline