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The Trusteeships’ Values

The Trusteeship is composed of dynamic, preeminent women whose guiding principles are the cornerstone of the organization. The diversity and character of our members are a reflection of our values. As members, we cherish the meaningful relationships we build with extraordinary women whose paths we otherwise may never have crossed.

Our values are:

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of The Trusteeship. It is essential and inherent in every action and activity of the organization and our members.

Trust: Trust is the heart of The Trusteeship, reflected even in our name. It defines our unwavering support and goodwill towards each other.

Diversity: The diverse backgrounds and spheres of influence of our members is a gift that enriches our lives and enhances our experience in The Trusteeship.

Excellence: Excellence is reflected in the unique accomplishment of our members, preeminent in their fields, which defines the organization.

Empowerment: We empower and inspire each other by sharing ourselves and our knowledge, supporting one another, and the advancement of women. 

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“When I joined The Trusteeship, I had spent my whole life in government service and nonprofit organizations. The Trusteeship has introduced me to previously unfamiliar worlds (corporate, military, film, international) and the wonderful women who populate them, and in the process helped me better appreciate their work and my own.”

– Ruth