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Bordertown Now – Pasadena Playhouse – June 1

The Trusteeship enjoyed a special dinner and talk at The Valley Hunt Club followed by a performance of “Bordertown Now” at the beautiful Pasadena Playhouse!

Danny Feldman, the Pasadena Playhouse’s Producing Artistic Director joined The Trusteeship at the lovely Valley Hunt Club where we were hosted by Trusteeship member The Hon. Lee Edmon and her husband, The Hon. Dick Burdge who are members of this special club. Danny shared his history with us, his background is quit extensive and how he is putting his stamp on Pasadena and the Playhouse there. He was a breath of fresh air with an affable disposition that I’m sure no one could object to. He really walked us through the process of producing the show we were about to see and sprinkled it with insider info that made us all feel very special and included in the making of the production.

The show itself was a fun expression on a very tough topic and warmed the audience to it’s point….that the border issue with Mexico and the United States is very dimensional and the answers are tough to figure out. It was fun, compassionate, telling and inspirational!

Bordertown Now: An Interview With Culture Clash

About Bordertown Now: Twenty years after their searing hit Bordertown premiered, LA’s very own Culture Clash returns to the southern border to investigate the state of affairs once again. Re-imagined, remixed and fully reloaded, Bordertown Now is an irreverent look at the people at the center of one of America’s most hot-button controversial issues, and the walls that divide us all. Infused with their trademark comedic approach, the nation’s premier Chicano/Latino performance trio joins Obie Award-winning director Diane Rodriguez to redefine the boundaries of theater and break down the divisions between cultures.


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– Caroline