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Dine-Around – September 2012: At the home of Astrid Heger

Astrid Heger and Wendy Garen generously hosted a quintessential Trusteeship Dine-Around.  In a candlelit courtyard on a balmy Glendale hills evening, eight Trusteeship members had the opportunity to exchange reflective, yet fun conversation that covered a gamut of topics.  And, Astrid’s healthy, upscale cooking, paired with fine wine added an additional layer to this thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Astrid and Wendy, thank you for bringing us together.

                                   Gayle Tauber, Esther Torrez, Astrid Heger, Wendy Garen, Pat Phillips,                                  Betsy Hailey & Yolanda Nava

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“The Trusteeship is a wonderful refuge — a place to go that is safe, nurturing and supportive. A place where you can suspend time — where the pressures and demands of your daily routine become secondary to the sharing of confidences and passions with women that walk similar paths and know your challenges and triumphs.”

– Rita