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Dine-Around: Wine, Women and Song/October 16

Moving, grooving, and singing to the beat of "Proud Mary"

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….”  The lyrics were heard loud and clear, but no crying was present here!  Rather, it was all smiles in the living room of Paula Holt’s lovely home on the afternoon of Sunday, October 16th, as The Trusteeship gathered for a day of wine, women, and song.  We arrived to the beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills to find a perfect retreat overlooking the Sunset Strip.  With the sunlight pouring in from the porch and the delightful spread of hors d’ oeuvres and drinks, you could sense that we were in for a wonderful treat.

After some greetings and guzzling, the group gathered in the living room to hear from special guest artist Jeri Lynne.  Jeri is an accomplished singer/songwriter and keyboardist who has recorded, performed and toured with a vast array of artists including The Righteous Brothers, Michael Bolton and members of Devo.  Gayle Tauber contacted Jeri after being wowed while hearing her play at a favorite local establishment in San Diego.  “We had her perform at a function at my home and knew we had to share her with Trusteeship members!”, Gayle said with a smile.

And Jeri Lynne delivered.  Within no time, she had the room up and swinging to her renditions of Proud Mary, It’s My Party, and other favorites from the 60’s and 70’s.  Tune after tune, the room erupted into song, and over the chorus of voices came the occasional, “This was my favorite!”, and “Oh! What year was that?”   Member Diana Ingram seemed the resident song expert, singing nearly every lyric with full recall.  During a song break, as to not miss a beat of music, Diana exclaimed, “This is so great!  I want Jeri Lynne to do a tour to all of our houses!”

The evening mellowed out a bit as the sun was setting over the hills and the music followed suit with tunes like Bridge Over Troubled Waters and Amazing Grace.  As an added bonus for the evening, Philip Tauber provided backup with his flugelhorn – a mix between a trumpet and a French horn – adding a wonderfully rich, soulful feel to the music.

While the evening came to a close, you can bet that the melodies replayed in everyone’s head for hours.  Let’s hope no one lost too much sleep humming the tune of her favorite 70’s song all night.  Oh nostalgia!




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“I am cloistered in my medical world. If not presented with a large, prospective, randomized study I question the evidence and relevance of many medical and societal conclusions. The Trusteeship is neither large nor randomized, but it is the most relevant, outstanding and compassionate group of women I have ever met.”

– Judith