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Golden Road Brewery

Traveling the Golden Road to Sustainable Brewing

Golden Road Brewing is committed to bringing fresh, sustainable beer to market. Thanks to one of our newest members, Meg Gill, they are succeeding in their journey. Meg, the youngest female brewery owner in America, and her partner Tony Yanow, opened their LA location in 2011. Due to their rapid success, they are opening another location in Anaheim.

Meg began our Special-Access Tour with a captivating story of her transition from training from Olympic swimmer to brewery owner. Her expertise, knowledge, vitality and charisma are unsurpassed. Our group of 18 enjoyed a most informative tour led by Golden Road Brand Ambassador, Laurel Brooks. She described each stage of their sustainable beer production through the final stage of on-premise canning. Her presentation gave us such an appreciation for the art, science and business of craft brewing. The food and staff matched the excellence of the phenomenal Golden Road beers and we all enjoyed a most memorable evening. If you need directions to the finest sustainable beer on the market, just take the Golden Road!

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“When I joined The Trusteeship, I had spent my whole life in government service and nonprofit organizations. The Trusteeship has introduced me to previously unfamiliar worlds (corporate, military, film, international) and the wonderful women who populate them, and in the process helped me better appreciate their work and my own.”

– Ruth