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Know Your California Props for Nov. 3 Webinar

CA props for Nov 3 webinar

This November, there will be a lot more on the ballot than the Presidential election. You will vote for Congressional and State Representatives, Members of City Council, School Board, and more. And if that is not enough, in California, there will be 12 propositions on the ballot, spanning a range of issues such as race and civil rights, housing and prop. 13 and more. These propositions have their fair share of impact on our daily lives.

Thank you to Trusteeship member Janet Clayton, Laurel Rosenhall, and Byrhonda Lyons, journalists from CalMatters, a California-wide nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization for holding this webinar to demystify the descriptions of the upcoming ballot measures and to understand what their impact will be on us and on our state. They have prepared us to be ready for our ballots this Nov. 3.

Thank you to Janet Clayton, our gracious moderator, journalists Laurel and Byrhonda, and all our attendees.

Members who missed this may still watch the webinar recordings HERE.

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