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Natural History Museum – Behind the Scenes – August 2

Trusteeship members were able to take a peek behind the curtains at today’s Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County….spiders and all on August 2nd!

A special thanks to Trusteeship member, Lori Bettison-Varga, the Museum’s President & Director, who put together a fun evening with special, behind the scenes tours to non-public areas!

Click on our video montage for more of the action!

Tours were:

Marine Invertebrates (possibly crustaceans) – Dr. Regina Wetzer oversees the Museum’s Marine Biodiversity Center which houses the Museum’s vast collection of marine invertebrates — sponges to sea squirts. Dr. Wetzer specializes in crustaceans, but gave us an opportunity to learn about many little-known species as well as familiar animals such as crabs and sea stars.

Polychaetes Annelida (segmented marine worms-much more beautiful and interesting than that sounds!) – Some of the most beautiful and unusual sea animals are the marine segmented worms, known as polychaetes (poly-keets). Living in every conceivable habitat and depth in the world’s oceans, these bristly denizens have an amazing range of sizes and body forms. Dr. Kirk Fitzhugh, curator of polychaetes, provided an introduction to this astonishingly diverse group and explained how they are critically important in helping us gauge the health of oceans.

All of this was followed by a lovely dinner in the executive board room.  Learning and dining, two of our favorite things!  Thanks again Lori…we all had a great time.

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