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Special Access: A&D Museum and LACMA ~ January 12

A+D Museum and LACMA

On January 12, the first Special Access Event of the year included looks into two exhibits from The Gettyn Foundation’s “Pacific Standard Time” program, which celebrates the birth of the L.A. Art scene. Walking into A+D Museum felt like getting an inside view into a very, very special mind. The exhibition, Eames Words, displays ideas—rather than creations—of pioneering designers Charles and Ray Eames. Deborah Sussman, who worked closely with the Eameses early in her career, is the co-curator and designer of the
exhibit. As Deborah led our group through the space, she spoke of the Eameses and recalled, “Nobody looked at kites that way before, and nobody looked at bread that way before. The ordinary things of the world were suddenly extraordinary.” Justly, the space touts the theme of ‘the uncommon beauty of common things’ with displays of everyday items—oranges, skateboards, balls of twine—skillfully intermixed with Eames quotations.
The event continued across the street at the LACMA exhibit California Design: Living in a Modern Way, the first major study of California mid-century modern design. Ming Fung was the architect of the showcase. “The exhibit was designed with a very sequential storyline through California’s modern design,” she explained.  “We organized everything into categories of Shaping, Making, Living and Selling to tell a full story.” The largest section is a re-creation of the Eameses’ 1949 living room, filled with the actual contents from the couple’shome. What a perfect way to bring everything full circle! We topped the evening off with a fabulous meal at Ray’s, the Patina Group restaurant within LACMA. In light of the exhibitions viewed earlier, we paid special attention to the sleek, modern curves of the chairs, the symmetrical waves on the flatware and the textural nuances of the meal. It was just a start to living with an appreciation of ‘the uncommon beauty of common things.’

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