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Special Access – July 2012: Herb Ritts: LA Style at the Getty

At the beautiful Getty Museum, high on a hill overlooking the 405 Freeway, Trusteeship members were the special guests of The J. Paul Getty Trust for a memorable evening hosted by Joanne Kozberg, a trustee of The Getty. Trusteeship members enjoyed after-hours access to the museum, a special presentation and curated tour of the Herb Ritts: L.A. Style exhibit, and a private reception. The Getty’s Associate Curator of Photographs, Paul Martineau, gave an insider’s look into the work of Ritts, who revolutionized fashion photography, modernized the nude and transformed celebrities into icons. The exhibit showcased the sophistication that is synonymous with Ritts — a primarily black and white palette combined with an innovative eye that plays on body formation and bold graphic contrasts. The human head was a favorite Ritts subject; it is depicted veiled, wrapped in hair, even with a dead octopus on top, tentacles simulating hair. Through the keen and stylish work of Herb Ritts, even the latter of these examples — an otherwise unappealing sounding image — is not only fashionable, but beautiful.

We enjoyed a reception afterward, featuring exquisitely styled food platters — the look of which you could only expect from The Getty Museum.  Mingling over wine and appetizers, we caught up on favorites of the exhibition and creative inspiration. Here’s to hoping that inspiration stays with us and we incorporate it into our own L.A. Style.

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