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Art is (Definitely) in the Eye of the Beholder

Members recently had the opportunity to experience and enjoy the talents of two Trusteeship members whose works and styles—while vastly different—embody the “art for everyone, everywhere” philosophy. The Pasadena Museum of California Art featured June Wayne: Paintings, Prints and Tapestries” at the same time current member Lita Albuquerque’s performance art piece, Time, Space & Matter was on exhibit. June’s eclectic approach was apparent in Propeller, a work of acrylic and styrene on canvas and also in the the print “Dorothy Series,” a collage of images from old photographs, a chronicle of her mother’s life.   In Lita’s piece, a meditation on time, featured two performers alternately pouring salt onto a mound and honey being reverses from top to bottom of an hourglass-shaped vessel. The almost hypnotic atmosphere created by this silent tableau reflected the thought-provoking mood of the theme.

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“The Trusteeship is a wonderful refuge — a place to go that is safe, nurturing and supportive. A place where you can suspend time — where the pressures and demands of your daily routine become secondary to the sharing of confidences and passions with women that walk similar paths and know your challenges and triumphs.”

– Rita