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Hidden in Plain Sight—Ford Theater is a Local Treasure

In the hills opposite the famed Hollywood Bowl, lucky Trusteeship members enjoyed an outdoor event on a sizzling summer night but didn’t mind the temperature at all!   The Ford Theatre, an intimate amphitheater that features more than 100 performances annually, was the setting for an Ezralow Dance performance. This mutli-talented group transported the audience with its physical beauty, creative staging and incredible agility. Some numbers were comic, some serious, others a striking combination that defied description. As founder Daniel Ezralow puts it, “Life is a kaleidoscope of countless simple actions that are as unique as each and every one of us.” And he explores these movements in a totally unique, unforgettable way.

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“Joining The Trusteeship has truly changed my life for the better in ways I could never have predicted. It has opened up an entirely new world by broadening my circle of friends beyond work colleagues to include some of the kindest and most accomplished women in Southern California.”

– Gale Anne