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Ford Theatres Performance: Common Culture: Across The Water – September 18


  • Theatre redesign and expansion – Brenda Levin FAIA;
  • Landscape design – Mia Lehrer FSLA


Our friends at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission helped us put together a fantastic evening of education and culture. Thank you Laura Zucker.

The Trusteeship was joined by members Architect Brenda Levin and Landscape Architect Mia Lehrer as they discussed the Ford Theatres redesign that they are instrumental in planning and designing. Levin & Associates was the architect for the entire project and Mia was Landscape architect as part of the design team.

We started the evening with fun box dinners in the picnic area at the Ford where we had a special section blocked off just for Trusteeship members and guests.

The meals were delicious!

Mia and Brenda gave their presentation in the picnic area and after our dinner and presentation, we all were seated in our specially selected VIP seats for the show!

The show was called Common Culture Across the Water and shared different cultural music acts from geographical areas such as Cuba and Tuvalu. It was a very fun performance from many acts.

Ford Theatres
2580 Cahuenga Blvd.
East Hollywood, CA 90068

Brenda A. Levin, FAIA is the founder and president of Brenda Levin & Associates, an architectural firm with a well-known reputation for historic preservation. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Brenda’s major projects include the restoration of iconic L.A. landmarks like the Bradbury Building, the Griffith Observatory, the Wiltern Theatre, City Hall, Grand Central Market, and Dodger Stadium.

Mia Lehrer, FASLA, is the founder and president of the landscape architecture and urban design firm, Mia Lehrer + Associates (MLA). Mia developed the master plan for Silver Lake Reservoir and was an integral member of the team that authored the 2007 Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. Notable projects include the Annenberg Community Beach House, Vista Hermosa Park, the Gardens of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, and is currently working on the Hollywood Park Redevelopment project that includes the future NFL stadium in Inglewood.


Common Culture: Across the Water celebrates the intersections of island culture in Los Angeles with music, drum and dance. The show features performances by Chloe x Halle; Mark de Clive-Lowe, featuring Nia Andrews; Jungle Fire, featuring Afrodyete and Jamie Allensworth; Brit Manor; and special guests Captain Planet and Novena Carmel. The dancers, Kimberly Miguel Mullen, Kati Hernandez and Nonosina will weave in traditional Afro-Cuban and Polynesian movement and drums, all in tribute to legendary Cuban performer Maestro Lazaro Galarraga.

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