The Trusteeship

Immigration Conversation Panel – October 26


On Wednesday, October 26th, Trusteeship members, Hsin-Ming Fung, Julia Gouw, Miriam Muscarolas, & Anna Ouroumian, shared their inspiring immigration stories from their countries of birth to settling in the
United States. We all met at the fabulous Westside Tavern on Pico where the food and service was fantastic.

What a wonderful peek inside of our panelists unique experiences and how immigrating to the United States has impacted their lives. Hearing each panel member’s inspiring story was a wonderfully motivating and close experience most attendees will not soon forget.  It certainly was an evening of reflection and connectivity.

Ming Fung
Birth Country – Vietnam

Julia Gouw
Birth Country – Indonesia

Miriam Muscarolas
Birth Country – Cuba

Anna Ouroumarian
Birth Country – Lebanon

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“A dynamic group of intelligent, notable, exciting, giving, caring, fun, and gifted women of different careers, background, education and ethnicity. They stand united as one voice for the betterment of all women everywhere throughout the world. It is such an honor to be a member of The Trusteeship.”

– Martha