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Frances Arnold Member Spotlight – August 11

Trusteeship members and guests joined us at The Athenaeum at Caltech for a very special Member Spotlight with our very own, Frances Arnold.

Frances shared an insider’s view of what it’s like to win a 1M euro prize as she discussed the Millennium Technology Prize (see Prize information below).

In May, Frances was awarded the Millennium Technology Prize by the President of Finland in Helsinki for her pioneering work in the field of directed evolution. She is the first woman to win the world’s largest and most prestigious technology prize which is given every two years by the Technology Academy Finland.

It was a fantastic evening at Caltech’s The Anthenaeum room where all were amazed by our extraordinary friend.

The Millennium Technology Prize

The Millennium Technology Prize is Finland’s tribute to innovations for a better life. The prize promotes technological research and Finland as a high-tech country.

General principles of the Millennium Technology Prize:

  • Awarded to groundbreaking technological innovations that enhance the quality of peoples lives in a sustainable manner.
  • The innovations have been applied in practice and are delivering extensive change now and in the future.
  • The innovations stimulate further cutting edge research and development in science and technology.

More about the prize

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“I am cloistered in my medical world. If not presented with a large, prospective, randomized study I question the evidence and relevance of many medical and societal conclusions. The Trusteeship is neither large nor randomized, but it is the most relevant, outstanding and compassionate group of women I have ever met.”

– Judith