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Griffith Observatory

On the evening of February 23rd of this year, The Trusteeship members were guests of the Griffith Observatory. We began our evening with a quick dinner in the dining room followed up with our own private tour guides! Marc and Mark led us on an outstanding tour and educational talk throughout what traditionally is a self-guided Observatory. We learned about the history of the Observatory and it’s storied grounds. We even were fortunate to hold a meteorite.

And, if you’re wondering, you most likely would only weigh about 30 lbs. on Mars!

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“The Trusteeship is a wonderful refuge — a place to go that is safe, nurturing and supportive. A place where you can suspend time — where the pressures and demands of your daily routine become secondary to the sharing of confidences and passions with women that walk similar paths and know your challenges and triumphs.”

– Rita