The Trusteeship

IWF CEO Marilyn Johnson Brunch

Jacqui Brandwynne graciously hosted a wonderful IWF CEO conversation with Marilyn Johnson brunch at her lovely home in Bel Air on Saturday, August 15.

Our event began with welcoming mimosas and mingling with fellow Trusteeship members. It was at this point in the day that Marilyn was able to meet with each member sharing her warm smile and thoughts for the future of IWF under her management.

As we gathered in Jacqui’s elegant dining room to enjoy brunch, Marilyn gave a presentation and shared her vision and plans for the IWF organization. Marilyn also listened to Trusteeship members’ feedback about IWF and conducted a spirited Q &A.

All in all, it was a lovely day and our members left feeling heard and encouraged about the positive direction Marilyn is leading the IWF.

Membership Dues Renewal

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“I am cloistered in my medical world. If not presented with a large, prospective, randomized study I question the evidence and relevance of many medical and societal conclusions. The Trusteeship is neither large nor randomized, but it is the most relevant, outstanding and compassionate group of women I have ever met.”

– Judith