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Leeza Gibbons Member Spotlight — Celebrity Apprentice

On Thursday, September 3rd, attendees enjoyed a lovely dinner and inspiring presentation by Leeza Gibbons at Seasons 52 in Century City. Leeza shared her thoughts on her strategic win of the 2015 Celebrity Apprentice as well as some fun insightful stories about the show and the other contestants.

All in good fun, Leeza shared her personal story about her charity, Leeza’s Care Connection and how her win has benefited hundreds struggling in the throws of Alzheimers and its extended effects on their families.

We also learned that “The Donald” is a pretty nice guy and an outstanding father to his over-achieving children and that behind the “your fired” slogan, he cares about those who have participated on his show and is somewhat of a papa bear.  Who knew!

Thank you Leeza for such an enjoyable evening.

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