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Lubov Azria Member Spotlight

On Monday, April 4th, The Trusteeship members were afforded a rare inside glimpse into the world of fashion design with a member spotlight about Lubov Azria, Chief Creative Officer, BCBGMaxAzriaGroup, A global fashion house with over 20 brands.

With questions being presented by Anna Ouroumian, Lubov shared her unique story of a young woman from Kiev whose dream it was to make haute couture affordable to all women.

The talk included her personal history (she first lived in San Antonio once her family moved to the United State) ; the design business (price point dictates whether a loved garment is designer or not starting at $800 and up) ; and, brand marketing (BCBG was the first designer brand from Los Angeles).

Here’s a link to Lubov’s most recent line debuted at New York’s Fashion Week: click here

We also all enjoyed a private tour of Lubov’s fabulous home, Maison du Soleil! As you can see from the pictures, it is a stunning edifice and was so fun to see the “insides” of such a special and personal property. Lubov’s design acumen is at home and present in her lovely home.

A Bit about Lubov’s Home Maison Du Soleil: One of LA”s most spectacular estates, is elegantly situated on three picturesque acres in Holmby Hills – the crown jewel of LA”s “Platinum Triangle”. Originally designed in the 1930s by legendary architect Paul Williams, who helped shape the landscape of classic Hollywood, the iconic 60-room residence adeptly merges classic architecture with contemporary design and modern lifestyle.

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“When I joined The Trusteeship, I had spent my whole life in government service and nonprofit organizations. The Trusteeship has introduced me to previously unfamiliar worlds (corporate, military, film, international) and the wonderful women who populate them, and in the process helped me better appreciate their work and my own.”

– Ruth