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Adrienne Hall Emerging Leader Award at The Valley Hunt Club

The Pasadena Trusteeship retreat continued Saturday afternoon with lunch at the exclusive Valley Hunt Club.  We were treated to a moving awards ceremony and a fascinating talk by a former Pasadena Rose Queen.

The luncheon took place in a quaint parlor room located on the second floor of the club complete with lighted fireplace and English sofa set. After sipping a glass of refreshing ice tea, we were instructed to take our seats at one of four large tables draped in light green linens, surrounded by gold Chiavari chairs.

Cynthia Sanchez, Paula Holt, Gayle Tauber

Cynthia Sanchez, the Executive Director of the Proyecto Pastoral program at Dolores Mission, a non-profit community building organization in Boyle Heights was introduced to us as the first recipient Adrienne Hall Emerging Leader Award.

According to Paula Holt, who awarded Cynthia her prize, the Leadership and Education Committee had a very difficult time narrowing down the 17 candidates to just one. However, the consistent praise they received for Cynthia helped her rise “to the top of that list.”

A graduate of Northwestern University, Cynthia has held leadership positions in not-for-profit organizations for the past eleven years. Her passion and dedication for helping the community was palpable as she revealed her views on what it means to be a leader, and told us about the woman who inspired her to become one in the first place: her mother. Cynthia was moved to tears at one point as she shared stories about a few of the inspirational women in her community whom she watches persevere every day, despite the hardships they face.

Cynthia said she was honored to be receiving the award named for such an esteemed woman and the $5,000 donation that accompanies it.  “I dedicate myself to being able to make a deeper impact in the community, and continuing to help these women.”

Paula then encouraged each woman attending the lunch to stand up and say a few words about herself in order to establish a “two way relationship” between The Trusteeship and Cynthia.

Following the ceremony, a delicious lunch of chilled avocado soup, chicken Sambuca and a sinful hot fudge sundae was served.

Finally, our  very charismatic Andrea Van de Kamp explained the significance of having lunch at the Valley Hunt Club, the home of the Rose Bowl Parade. And she talked about her involvement in the  Rose Bowl Stadium restoration.  Andreaʼs love for the “iconic stucture” was clear as she  confessed enthusiastically that she had been able to secure two tickets to the bowl game for life.

Former Rose Queen, Pam King demonstrating "the wave"

Andrea then introduced her friend, Pam King, who was the Pasadena Rose Bowl Queen in 1959.  Pam was delightful as she entertained us with an insiderʼs account of her “Queenly” adventures.  Recalling Cynthiaʼs speech, Pam told us how much winning the crown meant to one person in particular, her mother.“It was like a gift to her,” said Pam. “She was my biggest fan.”

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“I am cloistered in my medical world. If not presented with a large, prospective, randomized study I question the evidence and relevance of many medical and societal conclusions. The Trusteeship is neither large nor randomized, but it is the most relevant, outstanding and compassionate group of women I have ever met.”

– Judith