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September 2020

Roster Updates
Barbara Sayre Casey
Barbara has an additional address:
P.O. Box 1908
3860 S Lake Creek Drive
Wilson, WY 83014


Barbara Gothard
Barbara has an updated email address:


Brooke Knapp
Brooke has an updated home address:
12534 Promontory Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049


Geraldine Knatz
Please remove Geraldine’s inactive cell phone number 562-506-4258.
Please contact Geraldine at 562-427-8156 or 562-343-0226


Claudia Mitchell-Kernan
Claudia has an updated email address:


Rita Moya
Rita has an updated home address and email address:
912 Zurich Circle
Newport Beach, CA 92663


Andrea Van De Kamp
Andrea has an updated home address:
10375 Wilshire Blvd, 9D
Los Angeles, CA 90024


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2020 Trusteeship President

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If you’ve moved, changed your mailing address, have a new email, retired, joined a new board or have received new accolades in 2020, please let us know. Roster listings can be updated on the website and by using the link below. We will also update our Online Roster on a regular basis.
Gloria Allred
On September 29th, hundreds of IWF members from around the world heard from esteemed women’s rights icon and IWF Southern California member, attorney Gloria Allred, in a special session highlighting the issue of violence against women, impacting women globally.


Janice Brown
Janice would like to share that she is merging her law firm, Brown Law Group, with Meyers Nave. “I recognize just because of being active in issues that relate to diversity and also issues that relate to economic success with any firm that being a woman that had my own firm, a Black woman that had my own firm, was a special thing, and I never would have given that up if I didn’t think that the thing I was going to next wasn’t also a special thing,” Brown told Law360.


Gayle Tauber and San Diego Members…
Chef Julia Child? Chef/Restaurateur Alice Waters? Better! Chef Karen Caplan of Frieda’s Specialty Produce Company. Looking for a light Zoom “dine-around” topic, The Trusteeship’s San Diego members reached out to Karen with the request that she offer her talent for a specialty produce show-and-tell on September 22. As an advance introduction, participating members received an Frieda’s Inspiration Box at their homes filled with holiday recipes, swag, and a sampling of Frieda’s products. Dragon fruit, rambutans, black garlic, Asian pears, kiwanos (horned melon), aloe vera leaves, and of course, Frieda’s signature Stokes purple sweet potatoes were just some of the exotics that made their Trusteeship screen debut with explanations on taste, texture, and recipe application. And in Trusteeship tradition, members raised their wine glasses in a show of appreciation to our own Trusteeship celebrity chef of exotic fruits and vegetables, Karen. It was a fun, informative, and definitely light and joyful experience for all!



Janet Clayton
Janet was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times Opinion section on September 27. The article referred to her father’s refusal to buy the paper when she was a child because of its reactionary and racist leanings. The entire section was a Truth and Reconciliation action by the Times about its own newsroom history. The editorial in the same section also carried a photo and reference to her becoming the first woman and person of color to become editor of the editorial pages. The September 27 editorial said that during her nine-year-tenure, “the opinion pages of the Times evolved to reflect an optimistic, progressive and inclusive political vision,” and noted the two Pulitzer prizes won by editorial writers during that period. 


Laurie David
Laurie’s latest documentary The Social Dilemma is now available for streaming on Netflix. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, if you have a cell phone, if you have a social media account, and if your kids do, you need to watch this! Laurie is proud to have executive produced this along with Heather Reisman.


Leslie Margolin
Leslie is pleased to announce that she has joined the board of MeU CARE. Leslie commented “It is with great pride and pleasure that I join the Board of MeU CARE.”


Julie Miller-Phipps 
Over the summer, Julie accepted Kaiser Permanente’s induction into the Valley Industry and Commerce Association’s San Fernando Valley Hall of Fame. The honor was shared with other hospitals in the Los Angeles basin as a way to acknowledge the heroic work done by front-line health care workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Her acceptance speech can be viewed here:
Julie was also a featured presenter at Professional Business Women of California’s (PBWC) annual conference, announcing the segment titled “Activism and the Case for Gender Equity,” a fireside chat between Lisa Ling and Yara Shahidi.


Susan Rice
Susan has recently been elected to the Board of Directors of the LeParc Homeowners Association in Centry City. She has also begun a two year term as President of Woman & Philanthropy at UCLA. Her latest professional engagement with the Brakeley Briscoe firm includes fundraising management consulting and training for Charles R Drew University.


Julie Meier Wright
Julie wrote a column for the San Diego Union-Tribune on Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing and the Supreme Court. As a former state official and a co-founder of a new political party in California, the Common Sense Party, she is passionate about bipartisanship and good governance.



If you have misplaced your printed Roster, our current and most up-to-date membership directory is currently posted on the Trusteeship website,


Call to Authors


The Trusteeship is still accepting submissions to our members who are authors list. We would like to list you, the title of your book (s) and include a link for purchase on our website. Since we are the first Forum to offer this on our website, we will be a model for the other Forums to follow suit.


Webinar Recordings
We are happy to report that all of our Zoom Virtual Webinars are now recorded and available on our website. The Trusteeship Webinar Recordings are for members’ viewing only and can be viewed on the website here. This web page requires that you sign in before viewing.


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Upcoming Events
Reimagining Policing: To Fund or Not to Fund.
Is That the Question?

Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 
Join Trusteeship member and moderator Andrea Ordin along with panelists Shelly Zimmerman, Emada Tingirides, and Connie Rice for a discussion on policing in these changing times.
Via Zoom Meeting: Once you register, you will receive the link to join the meeting. You will be asked to log in by 5:50 pm so the panel discussion can begin promptly at 6:00 pm.
There is no cost for Trusteeship members. This is a members’ only event.

Shelley Zimmerman
Chief of Police, retired
San Diego Police Department
(Trusteeship Member since 2016)

Emada Tingirides
LAPD Deputy Chief, Community Safety Partnership

Connie Rice 
Civil rights attorney
Co-founder and co-director of the Advancement Project in Los Angeles

Andrea Ordin
Senior Counsel, Strumwasser and Woocher
(Trusteeship member since 1980)



Mark your calendar for our next Trusteeship Virtual Dine Around on Tuesday, November 10, from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.
Our Dine Arounds are open to all members – no limits, as they are arranged to be no more than 8 people per Dine Around. There is no charge!
Via Zoom Meeting: You will be asked to log in by 5:20 pm so the dine around can begin promptly at 5:30 pm.
Register Here
All Trusteeship programming, including Dine Arounds, Member Spotlights, etc., will be held via Zoom for the foreseeable future.
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Future IWF Conferences


October 20-23 2020
Leading In A Disrupted World
Virtual World Leadership Conference and Gala

Fall 2021 – September 29 – October 1, 2021 – IWF Leadership Conference – Seattle, Washington

Spring 2022 – May 18-20, 2022 – IWF Cornerstone Conference, Santiago, Chile

Fall 2022 – November 2- 4, 2022 – IWF Leadership Conference – Las Vegas, Nevada

Fall 2023 – October 11-13, 2023 – IWF Leadership Conference – Detroit, Michigan

Spring 2024 – May 15 – May 17, 2024 – IWF Leadership Conference – New York City  
New Contact Information
New Phone: 626-360-0676
2700 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite 209
Pasadena, CA 91107

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“The Trusteeship has introduced me to great role models, lent encouragement when needed, and challenges us to be better. The unique experiences, conversations, and shared stories keep The Trusteeship an integral part of my life.”

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